What Can She Do?

Everything, duh. 

I am a life learner. I love to learn inside and outside of the classroom. This quality has lead me to develop interests across the board. From puppies to politics, I can work with it all. However, I believe my interests can be funneled into three key areas, which can be seen below.

Public Affairs


From a young age, I have been intrigued by the world of politics. My high school student government experience led me to be a part of Auburn University's Student Government Association as a member of Freshman Forum, a Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Chairperson of the Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Committee. I have been active in Auburn University's Black Student Union serving as a member of Freshman Committee, Community Outreach Ambassador and as President. Throughout my time in both of these positions, I learned that a public must be aware of what their leaders are doing. With knowledge, the public can hold their leaders accountable. Because democracy is a government by the people, for the people and of the people.

Social Media


Being a millennial is a privilege. Growing up in the age of technology has allowed me to learn and adapt to each technological wave. A plus of that has been seeing the rise of nearly every social media platform. From the days of Myspace to Snapchat's constant presence, I have been able to partake in nearly every social media network. This practical knowledge combined with communication theory have added to my natural affinity for social media. A strong presence on social media is key to success in today's world. My vision and knowledge allowed me to begin the dramatic social media rebranding of Auburn University's Office of Inclusion and Diversity. As the Social Media Intern, I have seen follower growth of up to 40 percent. And, I look forward to creating that kind of following wherever I go.

Event Management


I thought that I was beyond the cliché of a Public Relations major to wanting to go into event planning-- I am not. There is something about the rush on event day, or the satisfaction of booking a vendor that makes me love event management. Whether it is the annual Soul Food Bazaar, the Alabama Governor's Mansion 2017 Candelight Tours or the Critical Conversations speaker series-- event management has given me the opportunity to collaborate with community partners and work on a team. One day, I would love the opportunity to plan fundraisers and social events for politicans and political parties. A dream of mine is to follow in the footsteps of Desirée Rogers and Deesha Dyers, and be the White House Social Secretary.