Kayla Warner

Aspiring PR Practitioner.

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Who Am I ?

Such a seemingly simple question, is always difficult to answer concisely. And, I like to be concise. I am a helper. I'm always lending a hand to make sure that events, projects or even someone's day goes as smoothly as possible. Moreover, I like to help people by providing the most accurate and useful information possible. Majoring in public relations allowed me to connect my need to help and give accurate information.


But, I am so much more than an aspiring PR practitioner. I am an ENFJ and a Leo. If you're into ennegrams, I am Type Two "The Helper." I love puppies and will ask strangers, "Can I take a picture with your dog?" I am a member of the BeyHive and have Google alerts set up for "Beyoncé." Southern Gothic literature fascinates me, and I am working on my own stories within the genre. And, I believe in Alabama and how great it can be.


Below you will see six words that I believe sum up "Kayla."


A friend recently described me as "infallible in regards to your willingness to love no matter what." And that spoke to me in terms of being resilient. When it comes to the things that I care about, I will work and fight for them in any way possible.


When I asked my roommate to describe me in one word, she said "vibrant." I love to bring a positive energy wherever I go. I've been told that my smile can light up a room. I believe in bringing optimism to any and all projects. Do not confuse optimism with naivety. I believe that there is a way out of all problems, and that failure is only opportunity in disguise.


My mother always taught me that, "there's a place for everything and everything has its place." While that adage doesn't always hold true for my closet-- it shines through in my work. I believe in orderly and high quality work. Like the logo at the top left of this page, I will never put my name on something I do not believe in. I put thought into every thing I do whether it is my work, clothing or Instagram feed. Everything reflects my personal brand. And, I hope my personal brand matches your organization's vision.


"Say what you mean, and mean what you say; then, you'll never have to take anything back." My father said this to me countless times. It is ingrained in how I treat people in professional and personal situations. It has shaped my ethics. Integrity is the most important character value in my book, and it informs so many of my decisions.


I believe in finding new ways to do old things. Reinventing the wheel can be a waste of time. But, optimizing the wheel is always a good idea. Call me a millennial, but I don't believe in working harder when you can work smarter. If there is a more efficient way, or an app for it-- I'll find it.


Beyoncé said, "I know you don't care too much, but I still care." I care deeply and unwaveringly about improving the human condition. Whether it's through spending an extra hour at work, or advocating for a cause, I give my all to whatever I am doing. I do not believe in apathy. We all must give fully to our fellow man to improve our overall state.

See My Big Five Personality Test Results

"The Big Five was originally derived in the 1970's by two independent research teams -- Paul Costa and Robert McCrae (at the National Institutes of Health), and Warren Norman (at the University of Michigan)/Lewis Goldberg (at the University of Oregon) -- who took slightly different routes at arriving at the same results: most human personality traits can be boiled down to five broad dimensions of personality, regardless of language or culture. These five dimensions were derived by asking thousands of people hundreds of questions and then analyzing the data with a statistical procedure known as factor analysis. It is important to realize that the researchers did not set out to find five dimensions, but that five dimensions emerged from their analyses of the data. In scientific circles, the Big Five is now the most widely accepted and used model of personality." - OutOfService.com

Openness: The degree to which a person is curious, original, intellectual, creative, and open to new ideas.


Conscientiousness: The degree to which a person is organized, systematic, achievement-oriented and dependable.


Extraversion: The degree to which a person is outgoing, talkative and sociable.



Agreeableness: The degree to which a person is affable, tolerant, sensitive, trusting, kind and earnest.


Neuroticism: The degree to which a person is anxious, irritable and temperamental.




Dr. Brigitta Brunner Professor, Auburn University

Kayla is an intelligent young woman. She is a delight to have in class. She is always prepared, and I am confident she will do amazing things in her career.

Tomi Obebe MBA Candidate, Clemson University

Kayla is a hardworking individual who excels in every situation. As a colleague, I have admired her organizational skills and efficiency in group projects, presentations, and more! She would be a wonderful addition to any PR firm.

Allen SuttonDirector of the Cross-Cultural Center for Excellence, Auburn University

Kayla Warner is someone that would prove to be a creative and forward-thinking problem solver and consensus builder within your company. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking. Beyond that, she is someone who seeks to serve her community, exhibits academic excellence, and most importantly, she is determined to excel and succeed in her pursuits. Kayla is just the professional you need on your team.

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