Because Family is Worth It

In my Campaigns class, I worked withing a group to create a campaign bridging together Auburn University and Verizon wireless. This opportunity arose from the Fox Sports U program.

As a group we used the following skills and theories to research and develop this campaign:

  • Survey Research
  • Case Study Evaluation and Scholarly Research
  • PR Writing
  • Marketing Theory
  • Style and Design.

Because Family is Worth It

We ultimately created the "Because Family is Worth It" campaign, or BFWI. This campaign set out to connect the Auburn Family through the Verizon Network's superior value. You want the best value, Verizon, for your family because they are worth it.
This campaign incorporates several elements: a tailgate, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat), media relations, a television spot and the Auburn Family Moment of the Game.

All of these things come together to create a "moment of dominance" for Verizon. This moment of dominance is simply a period of full saturation. This habitual saturation will positively change the target public's attitude toward and behavior with Verizon. Ultimately, Verizon will increase its positive brand awareness and gain customers from the Auburn fan base.

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