Samsung: Hot and Bothered

While Apple has generally received positive feedback in the media lately, Samsung has faced serious scrutiny for its crisis management of the Galaxy Note 7’s tendency to overheat and spontaneously combust. We chose to explore this crisis in order to analyze Samsung’s reaction to such a critical incident. The crisis specifically revolves around the Galaxy Note 7 and its literally explosive nature. The phone was known for overheating and spontaneously catching fire for reasons that Samsung initially could not explain. The explosions risked many lives and severely impacted the credibility of Samsung.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 crisis is of particular interest to us because of its relevance and prominence in the news over the course of the crisis, the severity of the crisis and the example Samsung set as to how a crisis can be dealt with. Samsung and this particular case can provide multiple lessons in terms of public relations as it relates to crisis management, consumer relations and community relations.

In my Case Studies class, my group analyzed the "Samsung" problem. The full report can be found to the right.

Project Information

  • Client:Case Studies "Samsung"
  • Date:Spring 2017
  • Skills:Research, Critical Analysis, Theoretical Comparison