Some of the best lessons I've learned in college have come from my involvement. Being a part of student leadership has not only shown me how I lead, but how I love and serve others. At times I found myself to even be a little overinvolved. Throughout my time at Auburn I have been: Freshman Forum - Student Government Association, Freshmen Committee- Black Student Union, Tigerette-Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts, Big Sister - Young Women Leaders Program, Community Service Ambassador - BSU, Liberal Arts Senator - SGA, President- BSU and Top 5 - Miss Homecoming.

Below you will see three of my positions highlighted below. More information about all of these positions can be found on my downloadable Resume PDF.

My Involvement

Below you will find snapshots of my involvement with links to more information about these organizations and my work.


Black Student Union


Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts

What Did I Do?

Involvement allowed me to put the skills I learned in the classroom into play.I even learned a few new things. I have highlighted the three most unique positions I've held. Below you will find detailed descriptions of everything that I have done.

Black Student Union


Auburn University's Black Student Union was established in 1984 as the Black Student Action Council. This organization has roots in advocating and representing black students at Auburn University. The motto of Black Student Union is "Unity through Education." During my tenure as BSU President, the organization strived to promote "diversity and inclusion," as a pillar of Auburn University. The work of BSU's 2016-2017 year culminated with the organization being awarded the "Outstanding Incorporation of Diversity and Inclusion" Award.

Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts


The Auburn University Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts/ S.O.A.R. serve as Public Relations representatives for the Auburn Athletic Department. This group of young women and men assist the department by working with the Athletic Director, Tigers Unlimited, the Alumni Association, and at various community functions. They also work through the Office of University Recruitment recruiting prospective students. They continue as an honored legacy and proud tradition of Auburn University.