In Magazine and Feature Writing,

I expounded upon my newswriting skill, to craft intrigue and interest stories.

Below you will find a link to my final story, which is a the longest and most in-depth piece written for the class. Warning, strong language is featured in the piece.

Why is Writing Important?

People love to hear stories. Stories connect us to each other. Stories can bridge together bonds that have long been severed. Stories make us feel and act. As a PR Professional, it is extremely valuable to make people feel and act. So, being able to tell a story is overwhelmingly essential. Being able to tell a story well is priceless.

What's This Story About?

During my time at Auburn, several barriers were broken by people of color in historically white sororities and fraternities. This story highlights some of the unique stories from people of color in historically white Greek organizations at Auburn University. A link to the story can be found here.

Project Information

  • Client:Magazine and Feature Writing
  • Date:Spring 2017
  • Skills:AP Style
  • Project:Here