In PR Multimedia Writing,

I learned how to craft effective messages in several different mediums.

Below you will find a link to my final project, which is a culmination of all of the work that I did over the year for my "client."

Who is your client?

During the Spring semester, I created a portfolio of work for Target. As a self-proclaimed Target fiend, saying that I love Target would be an understatement. Having Target as a client allowed me to learn so much about the company's history, and their "WHY?" I love focusing on this idea of "WHY?" because all of the company's decisions should reflect why they began and why they do the work they do. Target is committed to offering the BEST value for less. They make value accessible, and believe in investing in people.

What did you do?

Throughout the semester, I created a few projects for Target. One was an annual report (sans financials), a PSA reflective of the company's CSR activities and a massive media kit that included everything from fact sheets to an opinion editorial. In fact, I established a connection with a Target recruiter after sending her my work for the brand.


Click here for the Annual Report.


Click here for the Media Kit.

Project Information

  • Client:PR Multimedia Writing (Target)
  • Date:Spring 2017
  • Skills:AP Style