The Opelika Chamber of Commerce was our client,

Our group was tasked to research the needs of the chamber members.

Research was conducted through Qualtrics to measure member satisfaction for three of their events. First, members of the research course met with the president of Opelika Chamber of Commerce, to determine the specific questions she wanted answered. The members then drafted a survey of 13 questions. After the survey was finalized, the president sent out the survey to members following each event. The events surveyed were: Women’s Business Council, Business After Hours and Connections. The data were collected through April 7-17. The survey consisted of multiple choice, close ended, open ended, likert type scale, semantic differential, rating, inventory, demographic, and rating questions.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

The concept of a chamber of commerce emerged from Marseilles, France in 1599. In a mutual effort, various businesses banded together to increase commerce and establish policies to govern trade. America’s first chamber of commerce arrived in New York City in 1768. By the end of the 19th century, there were over 40 chambers in the United States. America transformed the chambers into hubs for discussion of socio economic needs and networking. Today, the chamber of commerce remains the most trusted source of information for local businesses and services. The Opelika Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to promote and foster economic and business success, maximizes member investment, while enhancing the community. It was organized on January 13, 1941, and was incorporated on August 26 of the same year. It was recorded in the original Petition for Incorporation that their goal is to "promote the commercial, industrial, agricultural and civic interests of the City of Opelika and the surrounding territory; to promote integrity and good faith, just and equitable principles in business..."

What were our Results?

Our group had the following results. Click here for the report.

Project Information

  • Client:Opelika Chamber of Commerce
  • Date:Spring 2017
  • Skills:Qualtrics
  • Project:Here