Below, you will find a brief overview of the skills that I have acquired and developed throughout my time at Auburn University. Many of these skills have come through my leadership positions and classroom opportunities. Check my LinkedIn page for more information about my skills here.

Public Speaking

I love to speak in front of large and small groups. I get a rush from it. Extemporaneous speaking is my strength. Creating a connection with words is so fulfilling. And, I have found that this skill sets me a part from my peers.

Social Media

In an ever connected world, it is important to have a strong social media presence. Outside of class, I find myself reading articles about social media strategy and trends. I am proficient with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter. Let me rebrand your organization's social media.

Event Planning

Don't want to worry about booking a venue, going over catering contracts or condensing a guest list? Leave all of that to me because I love it. I have successfully coordinated large and small scale events. I have experience working with budgets, community partners, day of logistics and much more.

Leadership and Teamwork

Two heads are always better than one. I believe that some of the best work comes from collaboration and teamwork. I am a proven team player, and when neccessary I can assume a leadership role. As BSU President, I led a leadership team of over 30 people, and a general assembly of over 200 students. "I believe in work, hard work..."


In high school, I found photography to be a great creative outlet. Since then, I have been able to provide my services to induviduals, families and businesses. There is something so special about capturing someone else's vision with your own two hands. I will bring a good eye and camera wherever I go.

Adobe Creative Suite

This entire site was created with the help of Adobe Dreamweaver. Many of the works in my portfolio were created with InDesign and Photoshop. My familiarity with these products in the Adobe Creative Suite are an asset to any organization. I plan to learn even more about them and other products in Adobe Creative Suite.